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Welcome to Spring on the 42

An early spring #onthe42 sees new life and growth brought into the region. Not only do our tourists get a chance to witness the first new blooms of the season, but Leamington is also directly in the migratory path of dozens of bird species. Beginning in the first week of May through to the end of May, Point Pelee National Park features the Festival of Birds, which helps transform our community into a birders paradise. One of  our most popular tourists destinations

Warm weather and early melting snow gives you the opportunity to dust off your bike or motorcycle and cruise along our motorcycling route or many community trails. Along your way, stop at any of our roadside fruit and vegetable stands and pick up fresh seasonal produce grown right here in Leamington. So many incredible Spring activities to take part in while you visit and stay in Leamington. 

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Municipality of Leamington Logo
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