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August 3, 2018


Chill out anywhere with your ultimate summer anthem playlistChill out anywhere with your ultimate summer anthem playlist

2018 is proving to be a summer for the books. Pure, unadulterated beach weather, epic events, and music that has blown you away.

No community has showcased the best of the summer more than Leamington, Ontario. Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, this once-quiet town known for crops and ketchup, has transformed itself into a waterfront music destination. Over the past 5 years, the community has developed its waterfront extensively, for the benefit of the community and tourists alike. The jewel of the Waterfront Development Project is Seacliff Park, Beach, and Amphitheatre. Movies are made of locations like this!


The grassed amphitheatre seats up to 6000 people and overlooks Lake Erie. During evening concerts the sun sets behind the venue and the Pelee Island ferry pulls into port, making for a truly breathtaking scene, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. This summer, the Amphitheatre is hosting several music series and events including Music Onthe42 Summer Concert Series, the Bank Onthe42 Concert Series, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and Hogs for Hospice. Each of these events showcase a wide variety of music from across different genres and draws thousands of people to the incredible venue.


In the year since the Amphitheatre has been built, the stage has seen the likes of Our Lady Peace, Randy Houser, Cheap Trick, The Sheepdogs, and a host of other amazingly talented acts. It sets the stage (pun intended) for a summer of fun.


So this year, we dedicate our summer anthem playlist to Leamington, Ontario and the acts who have and will grace its stage (until mid-September!) during the Music Onthe42 Summer Concert Series.

The Sheepdogs- Up in Canada

The Sheepdogs never fail to show us why they are one of Canada’s best rock bands! This quintessentially Canuck song reminds us of some of the luxuries of Canadian living and the Canadian dream.

Cheap Trick- I Want You to Want Me

There hasn’t been a summer since 1979 where someone hasn’t rolled their windows down, felt that cool summer breeze and blared “I Want You to Want Me” from the car stereo. If this doesn’t amp you up, we don’t know what will!

Queen- We Will Rock You

Simply Queen, Canada’s best Queen tribute band took down the house in Leamington and played all of the hits. This song is best served alongside a healthy dose of competition at a sporting event of your choosing.

Elvis- All Shook Up

A song for summer romance, this brings you back to teen romance at summer camp or on the beach, when all you cared about was sun, sand, and love!

Van Halen- Panama

The song supposedly started because Van Halen was criticized for songs solely about hard partying, hot women, and fast cars. To which David Lee Roth responds, “I take exception to that. I have never written a song about a fast car. But now that you mention it, good idea!” Panama is a perfect song to enjoy in Leamington where you can witness its car and motorcycle culture by simply taking a tour down Erie St. on a hot summer night.

Tim McGraw- I Like it, I Love it

This song may not be about the programming at the Seacliff Park Amphitheatre but the title rings true. In one summer it has transformed itself into a go-to spot for music! Aside from that, a little country on your playlist never hurt anyone.

Shania Twain- Man! I Feel Like a Woman

No summer is complete without a girl anthem for the ages! This song never gets old and never stops reminding you of those nights when you want to let loose and have a good time!

Take the best songs from the Music Onthe42 Summer Concert Series with you wherever you go. Photo: Keith Acedera, 2018Take the best songs from the Music Onthe42 Summer Concert Series with you wherever you go. Photo: Keith Acedera, 2018

Just a reminder that summer’s not over yet. Leamington’s Amphitheatre features musical acts on-stage until September 15th.

For a full list of performances in Leamington visit

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The Seacliff Park Amphitheatre is located at Seacliff Park, at the corner of Foster St. and Seacliff Drive in Leamington. Park amenities include a beach, children’s playground, splash pad, beach volleyball courts, the Kinsmen Kanteen & Kafe, public washrooms, and the Seacliff Park Amphitheatre.

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